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Antikon CK-S, CK-SH, CK-N is a powder paint designed to protect steel, concrete, gypsum and other materials from corrosion. It has very good adhesion to most of the materials that is made to protect.
With a traditional recipe since 1972 and since 1977 also with a trademark.


ANTIKON paint is produced and supplied in two basic shades of gray and white. It can be tinted with inorganic powder pigments. Can be applied by brush, roller or syringe. Also can be used same as a primer as topcoat.

Protection of steel structures (without the need of removing sticky rust). In water management - protection of concrete tanks and improvement of waterproofing of concrete. In agriculture - protection of feed bins, barriers in horse stables, etc. In warehouses - protection of floors and walls from damp. In summary, after consultation with the manufacturer it can be used in many various areas.

Preparation of the mixture

In a suitable container with 7.5 liters of water, the powder component (20 kg) is poured with stirring. We recommend machine mixing (e.g. Electric hand mixer of grout). The mixture is homogenized within 1-3 minutes and a liquid component (0.75 L) is poured onto the mass thus prepared.

After further homogenization 2-3 min the mass is allowed to stand for about 2 hours with occasional stirring. Mix thoroughly before use!

Further dilution with water and its overuse during preparation is not recommended, as cracks may occur on the surface of coating. When processing a smaller amount, the components are dosed at the same ratio.

Application of the mixture

It is recommended to apply the mixture with a brush to the surface. Apply additional layers (12-24 hours, depending on relative humidity) BUT only if the previous layer has solidified! The antikon painting is applied at a temperature of 0 - 40 ° C and a relative humidity of up to 100%. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging for application. After work, containers and tools must be thoroughly cleaned with water. The dried matter is very difficult to remove.



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